Author: Linda Bilodeau

I’ve grappled with hearing loss since 1978. Through it all, I’ve faced periods of denial, acceptance, curiosity, trust and hope. But more often than not, I’ve felt annoyed, angry and frightened. I’ve encountered despair, loneliness and envy. I’ve experienced panic attacks. I’ve met understanding people, kind souls who helped me a great deal and others who thought I had nothing short of an invisible plague.

As a way of coming to terms with my hearing loss, I’ve decided to put my feelings about my disability down on paper. My hope is to better understand myself and perhaps you’ll find a little something in my meanderings that will help you, too.

Meandering through a Hearing World

Linda and Richard – Hearing Loss Advocates! My journey navigating hearing loss began in 1978. Then, pregnant with my son, one of the doctors I worked with noticed that I had difficulty hearing on the telephone. “Do you realize how many times you ask someone to repeat?” he asked, politely. I was taken aback. Being… Read more »