Author: HLAA Florida

This Valentine’s Day Give a Heartfelt Gift of Effective Communication To Hearing and Hearing Loss alike!

The gift to understand what is being said through effective communication. When one person has a hearing loss, it trickles through the community. Whether it is a family member from home, friends, co-workers, an assistant at the check-out lane, a doctor’s office, ticket counter, or restaurant, the impact is felt as the ability to communicate… Read more »


Central Florida (The Villages) Monthly Chapter Meeting: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 First Tuesday of each month from 1:00-2:30 pm Meeting to commence at the Churchill Street Recreation Center, 2375 Churchill Downs, The Villages, FL in the Triple Crown room. Guest Speaker: HLAA-Florida State Association President, Cynthia Moynihan, will preside in conjunction with her Hearing Dog Hero,… Read more »

Magic Leap and Virtual Reality – what will come next?

Imagine the opportunities not just in the hearing loss world, but life itself. Sharing the story below as written by: WIRED senior maverick Kevin Kelly The recurring discovery I made in each virtual world I entered was that although every one of these environments was fake, the experiences I had in them were genuine. VR… Read more »

Hear With Your Heart

On behalf of the HLAA-Florida State Association team, we remember Martin Luther King Holiday. Please read and share the poem below as it relates to individuality (and hearing loss). Thank you to Fran Seslow for sharing. Please don’t laugh if I miss your name; God did not create us all the same. I ask for… Read more »