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HLAA Gulf Coast formally HLAA Clearwater is the local chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America, the nation’s leading voice for people with hearing loss. The chapter meets at 12:30 the first Wednesday of the month (excluding June, July and August) at the Safety Harbor Public Library

Chapter Mission: The HLAA Gulf Coast Chapter in Clearwater opens the world of communications to the 185,000 local people with hearing loss through information, education, advocacy and support. HLAA Gulf Coast Chapter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donations are welcomed to help us deliver our mission to the community.

The chapter offers complimentary information, education, guidance and mentoring to anyone looking to improve their hearing or to their loved ones seeking ways to support them.

For more information on the chapter, or support between meetings, contact
Debbe Hagner, HLAA Chapter President at
President: Debbe Hagner, 727-271-0770 (text only),
Web Address:

HLAA Gulf Coast – Movie get together on August 12th

One way or another we are going to end our summer movie club outing with an exciting, hold-on-to -your seat, action thriller. Based on the forecasted movie schedule for August 12, two best movies will be Kidnap starring Halle Berry and Dark Tower starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

Join Us! The Tampa and Gulf Coast Chapters Summer Movie Club

The Tampa and Gulf Coast Chapters hosted the first of three summer outings for their Private Eyes Movie Club June 10, 2017. The Saturday afternoon gathering attracted 12 people to see Tom Cruise’s new film, The Mummy. The flick was followed by social time over a late lunch afterwards at BJ’s Restaurant in the Citrus… Read more »

Join us to see The Mummy with Sony Caption-Glasses Saturday June 10th

Movies are more fun with fun company & captions. Join us to see The Mummy with Sony Caption-Glasses. RSVP if you need caption glasses. Bring a fried – everyone’s welcome. To RSVP or for more information contact: Debbe Hagner at or Roseanne Boyle at Movie will be followed by drinks, meal and social time immediately afterwards at BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse. The HLAA Tampa and Gulf Coast Chapter movie clubs meets every Second Saturday of June, July and August.

Learn About the Latest Amplified Phones Hosted by HLAA Gulf Coast

Join us to learn about the latest amplified phones available for free from FTRI. Phones will be available during this event on a limited basis, by appointment only. To request yours, please contact FTRI’s Outreach Manager Elissa Moran for more information: Hosted by HLAA Gulf Coast: Wednesday, May 3 Safety Harbor Public Library 101… Read more »

HLAA Gulf Coast Chapter – How Hearing Loss is Affected by Rational Emotive Behavior April 5, 2017

HLAA Gulf Coast Chapter in Clearwater, Florida How Hearing Loss is Affected by Rational Emotive Behavior APRIL 5, 2017 Meeting This session will explore the work of Dr. Albert Ellis on: How our thinking about events can lead to emotional and behavioral upset. How to examine and challenge unhelpful thinking which creates unhealthy emotions. How… Read more »