Central Florida Chapter Meeting Update: August 2017

HLAA-Central FL September 5th meeting canceled

The Board Members of the Hearing Loss Association of America – Central Florida ​opted to forgo the first chapter meeting of our 2017 to 2018 year to be held on Tuesday, September 5th due to upcoming Labor Day weekend. ​The next meeting will commence Tuesday, October 3rd,​ with Paige Holt, AU.D, with the Lake Ear, Nose and Throat as our guest speaker. Our future guest speakers ​who have committed to date are as follows:


Nov.7th: Katie Figueroa, representative for Cochlear America’s,

Dec. 5th: Lisa Gascay, Au.D. with Hear USA, and Susan Richardson, representative from Clear Captions Phones,


Feb. 6th: Danielle Rosier Au.D with Professional Speech & Hearing Specialists.

Any questions​? Please contact Jan Sharp at 352-751-4532 or Muriel Raine at murhlaacntrfl@aol.com.

We thank ​you!​

Board Members of the HLAA-Cntr.FL