Meandering Through A Hearing World

Networking and Workshops for Hearing Loss

I was looking over the website of the Hearing Loss Association of Florida and read a thank-you letter to all sponsors and organizers of the HLAA-Florida Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Extravaganza held this past April 22nd. The event was held in Orlando and extremely well received with high attendance. I had planned to drive up, but a medical problem stopped me. How unfortunate. After reading more on the website, I discovered that the day was packed with helpful workshops. There were seminars with topics ranging from Understanding Communication, Hearing Protection, How to Assist a Friend or Family member with Hearing Loss, and many others. There was information about hearing dogs, and displays of assistive devices, designed to aid those with hearing loss. There were also vendors of cochlear implants, explaining the latest in this technology. What an informative event.

Why go to these type of events, you might ask? In our wonderful connected world, you can google most anything. Answers to your questions about hearing loss and available assistive technology is merely a click away. While the internet is a wonderful tool, it lacks the personal touch. Being online restricts how you ask questions. Unless you join a chat, you cannot speak with anyone. All-in-all you lose the human touch and the ability to discuss with others to ensure you have accurate data.

While working in hospital administration I attended many seminars and conventions, all over the U.S. I loved traveling to convention centers, excited to learn something new. There were opportunities to walk, take in museums, parks and whatever the city had to offer. I chose which conferences to attend, and made the most of what I needed and wanted to learn. I would leave with fresh ideas to help me in my job. But more than that, I met others, who like me, were working in various levels in hospital administration. When talking, we realized we faced similar problems and challenges. It was a great day when someone would hand me their contact information, saying let’s keep in touch. I made many new business associates and a few friends that way.

The Hearing Loss Association of America will be holding their national convention in Salt Lake City, Utah from June 22 to June 25. The HLAA holds this convention once a year in cities across the United States. The Convention is packed agenda of seminars, workshops, and nightly entertainment.

If you are unable to attend a National Convention, consider the Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Extravaganza and other events closer to home. Attending one might leave you with new information, an uplifted point of view, and perhaps a new friend.