Chapter Notification for Annual Chapter Update Form

If your chapter has not sent in their annual chapter update form, we ask that you send it to by or before Monday, October 2. All HLAA Chapters and State organizations must complete a Chapter/State Update form and send it to the HLAA National Chapter Coordinator every year by October 1. This year, we… Read more »

Excerpt: The Injury Dancers Ignore – Hearing Loss

Below is an excerpt of an article written by Steven Karageanes of Dance Magazine. Along with it, is a helpful chart that adds some perspective on how easy it is to damage your hearing. At a national dance convention in July, I measured decibels in a hip-hop class. (Per usual, most of the students were… Read more »

Weds, Oct. 4 Meeting for HLAA Gulf Coast and Tampa

Weds, Oct 4 2017 12:30 PM

What is New in Hearing Aid Technology and What is Right For You
– Discover the latest new hearing aid models, features and capabilities.
– Learn how to get the most out of your new aid with programming to meet your biggest needs.
– See how wireless accessories can connect you to TV, phones and others in noisy situations.

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