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Hearing Loss World…The People Who Understand!

Right before Christmas my husband and I attended a neighborhood party. Our lovely neighbor, Susan, always throws a party on December 23, inviting everyone on our street as well as her friends and family. We always enjoy going to her home because of her great hospitality. Though I know there will be the stress of… Read more »

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HLAA’S “HEARING TECH CLINIC” Saturday, March 11th 9am until 2pm 

The not-for-profit Sarasota/Manatee Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America are carrying out our mission to educate, advocate and support the hearing loss community. We hope you will support us by attending this free on-day event which will enable consumers to compare different hearing technologies in actual use without obligation or purchasing the devices this… Read more »

Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Extravaganza! Announcement

STATEWIDE! Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Extravaganza Saturday, April 22nd from 9 am – 3 pm Orlando Health Medical Center 52 West Underwood Street, Orlando Florida Registration Join us in the first ever HLAA-Florida State Association Extravaganza for all ages for both hearing and hearing loss alike. This is a one for all event. You… Read more »

This Valentine’s Day Give a Heartfelt Gift of Effective Communication To Hearing and Hearing Loss alike!

The gift to understand what is being said through effective communication. When one person has a hearing loss, it trickles through the community. Whether it is a family member from home, friends, co-workers, an assistant at the check-out lane, a doctor’s office, ticket counter, or restaurant, the impact is felt as the ability to communicate… Read more »