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Hearing Loss World…The People Who Understand!

Right before Christmas my husband and I attended a neighborhood party. Our lovely neighbor, Susan, always throws a party on December 23, inviting everyone on our street as well as her friends and family. We always enjoy going to her home because of her great hospitality. Though I know there will be the stress of… Read more »

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A Deaf Child’s Prayer

Years ago when Bonnie (my wife) and I attended a Total Immersion Weekend at Saint Augustine School for the Deaf and Blind, we received this poem as a handout in a class. It was written by Doris Isbel Crowe. The words and the emotion hit me so deep and hard that I just sat in… Read more »

Hear With Your Heart

On behalf of the HLAA-Florida State Association team, we remember Martin Luther King Holiday. Please read and share the poem below as it relates to individuality (and hearing loss). Thank you to Fran Seslow for sharing. Please don’t laugh if I miss your name; God did not create us all the same. I ask for… Read more »


HLAA-FL JOAN ANDREWS STATE SCHOLARSHIP: Deadline to apply is Tuesday, February 28, 2017. HLAA-Florida State Association would like to thank Joan Andrews daughters for their continued support of this very special scholarship in memory of her mother. Joan Andrews was a true hearing loss advocate who was ahead of her time. This Scholarship is for… Read more »