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Hearing Loss World…The People Who Understand!

Right before Christmas my husband and I attended a neighborhood party. Our lovely neighbor, Susan, always throws a party on December 23, inviting everyone on our street as well as her friends and family. We always enjoy going to her home because of her great hospitality. Though I know there will be the stress of… Read more »

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We are Shaking the Convention up for 2017!

Chapter Officers/Leaders – Register today for Discounted Rate! Hearing Loss Association of America, HLAA and HLAA-Florida State Association extend an invitation to YOU in joining people with hearing loss to share in educational workshops, a research symposium, a trade show with the latest hearing technology, and social events. Make plans to attend this special event today.  … Read more »

FDA Deregulates Hearing Aid Sales – What a Consumer Should Know.

Dan Gardner M.S. CEO Gardner Audiology Below is recent information that all Florida hearing aid consumers should know. On December 7, the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Dissemination Meeting, Hearing Health Care for Adults: Priorities for Improving Access and Affordability, Eric Mann, Chief, Ear, Nose and Throat Devices Branch of the U.S. Food… Read more »

2016 Hearing Aid Study for Music and More

Article by Daniel Gardner, M.S., Gardner Audiologist The new Starkey Muse family of hearing aids was designed to do everything that all major brands of hearing aids do but they added something. Starkey engineers designed the hearing aid electronics to identify and enhance the sound of music. Gardner Audiology, known for its consumer research, decided… Read more »

Medicare Advantage Plans and Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay

By Dan Gardner, M.S., Gardner Audiologist – Medicare Advantage plans are very popular in the Tampa Bay Area and many of our patients are enrolled in that type of insurance. Do those Medicare Advantage Plans pay for hearing aids? There is not a short answer to this question. Each plan is different and while some… Read more »