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Hearing Loss World…The People Who Understand!

Right before Christmas my husband and I attended a neighborhood party. Our lovely neighbor, Susan, always throws a party on December 23, inviting everyone on our street as well as her friends and family. We always enjoy going to her home because of her great hospitality. Though I know there will be the stress of… Read more »

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2012 Hearing Loss Association of America Convention

2012 Hearing Loss Association of America Convention Providence, RI June 21-24, 2012 Westin Providence and Rhode Island Convention Center http://www.hearingloss.org/content/convention Members of the Hearing Loss Association of Florida brought rays of sunshine to Providence, Rhode Island for the annual Convention.They came from Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Gainesville, Oviedo, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Tarpon Springs, Odessa, Valrico and… Read more »

The Hearing Loss Association of America, Florida State Association (HLAA-FL)

The Hearing Loss Association of America, Florida State Association (HLAA-FL) serves the needs of all people with hearing loss throughout the State of Florida, by providing information and educational support, public awareness and both legislative and public policy advocacy of issues related to assuring equal access, opportunity and protection for the quality of life of… Read more »

Are you a veteran with hearing loss and a Florida resident?

The Hearing Loss Association of Florida (HLA-FL) would like to give you a gift of one-year membership with no strings attached. To qualify for this offer, the following criteria is required: You are a legal resident of Florida You are a veteran of any war or conflict beginning with the current operations in Iraq and… Read more »

Information for HLAA-FL Chapters

Here are some resources to help you find your local chapter, support your local chapter, or start a local chapter. HLAA-FL State Chapter Coordinators State Chapter Coordinator – Central Cynthia Moynihan hearinglossadvocate@gmail.com State Chapter Coordinator – Southwest JoAnne DeVries jdv.devries8@gmail.com State Chapter Coordinator – Southeast Joe Dashiell joe.dashiell@gmail.com HLAA – Florida Chapters HLAA – Start… Read more »