Who We Are

The Hearing Loss Association of Florida, Inc. (HLAA-FL), a Voluntary non-profit organization, is dedicated to the well-being of the more than 3-million Floridians of all ages and communication styles with hearing loss.


HLAA-FL works hard to assure quality representation of the Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing who is also known as the Florida Council. The Florida Council recommends policies that address the needs of Florida’s deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened and deaf-blind (hereafter referred to collectively as “hearing loss”) community.


HLAA-FL opened its doors in 1995 under our national umbrella of the Hearing Loss of America, founded in 1979 by Howard E. “Rocky” Stone The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation’s leading organization representing consumers with hearing loss.


Visit the HLAA-FL Programs & Events page or the HLAA National Program & Events. Both are designed to focus on you—the person. HLAA as a whole strives to give people the tools they need to live more successfully with hearing loss and to show them they do not have to face hearing loss alone. Feel free to reach out to us anytime by clicking here.


HLAA-FL is a part of the Hearing Loss Association of America one of the largest international organizations with a support network of chapters and support groups across this nation who are ready to help you.


HLAA-FL through information, education, support, and advocacy HLAA-FL can provide assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss.


Information: HLAA-FL will provide information on many aspects of hearing loss from technological and medical advances, to coping and parenting strategies. We help you become an informed consumer on some of the latest options that are available to you helping you make informed decisions how to deal with hearing loss.


Education: Our primary purpose is to educate ourselves, our families, friends, coworkers, teachers, hearing health care providers, industry, government, and others about hearing loss.


Support: By providing direct assistance to chapters of Florida with a speakers network, and zoom platform for over 400 topics ranging from hearing aid usage to financial planning to support the journey of living with a hearing loss.


Advocacy: HLAA-FL is working to eradicate the stigma associated with hearing loss and raise public awareness about the need for prevention and the importance of regular hearing screenings throughout life. Under the direction of Hearing Loss Association of America’s, HLAA-FL will work with local and state-level consumers and policymakers together to learn about communication access which affects legislation that impacts people with hearing loss.


We strive to help you learn some of the latest technologies, latest developments and innovations in hearing aids. Additionally, we help you learn more about cochlear implants, other implantable devices, assistive devices, communication access and smartphone apps that can help you hear better, even in challenging listening situations.


"One Single Source" connecting socially with others and empowering you or a loved one through the exchange of knowledge, encouragement and shared experiences. Our advantage fall in place with our overall goals. We help connect you with not only local Florida Chapters, but to a vast national and global audience. These sources help enable you to meet many others like yourself, who either have a hearing loss or are supporting someone with a loss. Enhancing your ability of exchanging knowledge, encouragement and shared experiences with others. You will have fun!


You do not have to hide your hearing loss. At HLAA-FL, we try to provide you all the "Self Help" resources for you to learn how to advocate at home, work and in the community. Our self-help goals are in place to assist you in mastering simple tools. Us it as a guide for people that we encounter and communicate with so that we can do this more effectively.



Our Mission

The mission of the HLAA Florida State Association is to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss in Florida through HLAA’s services of information, education, advocacy and support.


Our National Founder's Mission

The mission of HLAA is to open the world of communication
to people with hearing loss by providing information,
education, support and advocacy.
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Mission Statement

Platform Objectives
The objectives of The Hearing Loss Association of Florida, Inc. (HLAA-FL) shall be as follows:

1. Monitor activity of regulatory agencies at the state and federal level as delineated in the
HLAA-FL Policy and Procedures manual.

2. Monitor all legislative activities about the reform of existing Health Care regulations, with
support from the Hearing Loss Association of America, and provide input when opportunities
arise to assure the Health Care reform issues and policies include the needs of people with
hearing loss.

3. Establish and maintain liaison with other state organizations as delineated in the
HLAA-FL Policy and Procedures manual.

4. Work to assure quality representation of HLAA-FL on the Florida Coordinating Council for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

5. Encourage consumer protection of individuals with hearing loss through advocacy efforts by
monitoring legislation such as hearing aid regulations, truth in advertising, terminology such
as audioprosthology, and other issues involving the hard of hearing consumer.

6. Monitor and obtain representation, when possible, to the Public Service Commission
Committee, which oversees the Florida Telecommunications Relay System. Provide public
awareness of this program, as well as the means of distribution of equipment, as needed, to
hearing and hearing loss taxpaying Floridians, since hearing is a concern for all.

Hearing Loss Association of Florida Board of Trustees

Meet the members of the Hearing Loss Association of Florida Board of Trustees. Please contact them with any ideas you might have to help better the lives of Florida residents who have hearing loss.

Debbe Hagner Co-Chair President
Co-Chair President

Debbe Hagner


Vacant Position

Tanya Williams State Chapter Coordinator
Vice President & State Chapter Coordinator

Tanya Williams

James Forstall Advisory Board Member
Advisory Board Member

James Forstall

Richard N. Williams Advisory Board Member
Advisory Board Member

Richard N. Williams

Valerie Stafford-Mallis 13 OCT 2021
Advisory Board Member

Valerie Stafford-Mallis