All Things Tech in Spring Hearing Life!


All Things Tech in Spring Hearing Life!

Our technology-themed spring issue, AI and Other Hearing Technology Advancements, explores the world of artificial intelligence (AI), Bluetooth, sound processing, automatic speech recognition (ASR), augmented reality (AR) and other innovations in the cover feature. You’ll also learn what’s new and what’s next in accessible hearing solutions from four HLAA Hear for Life partners, find essential tech and resources for the workplace and discover our online community’s go-to tech tools. Plus a look at the Industry-Consumer Alliance for Accessible Technology (ICAAT), 2024 Walk4Hearing, HLAA Convention in Phoenix and more!

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Graphic of various artificial intelligence symbols

AI and Other Hearing Technology Advancements

By HLAA Technology Adviser Linda Kozma-Spytek

Man reviewing new technologies with a woman

An in-depth exploration of the many ways artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovations are improving communication access for people with hearing loss.

Must-Have Workplace Tech for Hearing Loss

By Lisa Yuan and David Baldridge

Picture of a workplace

Workplace technology has the potential to level the playing field for people with hearing loss. This curated collection of essential workplace tools, emerging tech and resources can help you on the job.

Increasing Digital Accessibility for Students

Alexandra Wong

As a college student, former HLAA intern and Rhodes Scholar Alexandra “Zandy” Wong launched a global initiative to provide accessible digital content and resources to students with disabilities.

Tech Tips from the Hearing Loss Community

Headshots of women contributing tech tips

We invited people with hearing loss in our HLAA community and beyond to share their favorite technology solutions, from devices to apps. Here’s a roundup of the top tips they shared with us.

Advocating for Accessible Technology

By former HLAA Director of Public Policy Lise Hamlin

HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley

Discover how you can help make technology more accessible for people with hearing loss by joining the Industry-Consumer Alliance for Accessible Technology (ICAAT).

Also see What’s New, What’s Next from Hear for Life partners, an overview of the HLAA 2024 Convention in Phoenix, Walk4Hearing spring season, a message from Barbara Kelley and more.



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