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Richard Pocker

Totally deaf for 35 years, Richard received bilateral cochlear implant surgery just prior to his 65th birthday. He went from zero speech comprehension to 85% with time and effort at rehabilitation. He was implanted with two Cochlear implants and activated with two Cochlear Nucleus 6 (which he later upgraded to Nucleus 7 external processors.

Only to prove that long term deafness does not necessarily result in poor results of getting a cochlear implant. Today he enjoys socializing, using the telephone (something he was unable to do for 35 years) and hanging out in the local vinyl record store, Daddy-O’s.

The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss

The wonderful idea to establish a Facebook platform where people may express their emotions came from three hearing-impaired individuals. After months of debate, Richard Pocker, Mary Grace Whalen, and Robin Chisholm-Seymour got together and published Hearing Loss: The Emotional Side at the beginning of June. They obviously struck a chord because they currently have 1000+…
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When hearing loss is too severe to be helped with a hearing aid, a cochlear implant might be suggested. It can be a frightening experience. This book is designed to help the candidate navigate the process and dispel some of the misconceptions about cochlear implants. You can learn more at  
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