Closed Caption Coming to Broadway!

The following is an excerpt from The Broadway League’s article Broadway Begins Rollout of New Technology to Better Serve Theatregoers With Specific Needs.

“The Broadway League is coordinating efforts of its New York members who are in the process of introducing new technology to provide an improved theatergoing experience for audience members who are deaf, or who experience hearing or vision loss. These new services, in addition to currently available assistive listening devices, are provided to theatregoers free of charge.

Utilizing breakthroughs in vocal recognition technology, closed captioning and audio description – via mobile devices and headsets – will be seamlessly synchronized with live action on stage. As an example: if an actor pauses in real time, that pause will be reflected in the new closed captioning and audio description.

Some Broadway theatres are currently equipped to provide the new services. The majority of theatres will be offering the new services by January 1, 2018. The installation and availability of the technology industry-wide will be complete by Summer 2018…”

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