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Hearing Loss…Can Be Exhausting!

By Linda Bilodeau / March 13, 2018
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I came home the other day exhausted from listening with my hearing loss in a social gathering. Two very good friends whom I’ve known for over thirty years were in town, and we planned a lunch date as we had not gotten together for some time. My friends and I met in graduate school in…

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Hearing Loss? Keep up with Hearing Technology!

By Linda Bilodeau / March 2, 2018
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I recently received an informational letter from my audiologist, announcing advances in hearing technology. He wrote about hearing aids, assistive devices, made for IPhone hearing technology, and remote hearing care. It all left me thinking about the importance of keeping up with the latest in hearing loss technology. I rely on a variety of sources…

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Linda Bilodeau Regular Hearing Loss/Hearing Aid Check Ups – Just like an Oil Change!

By Linda Bilodeau / February 8, 2018
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How many people would like to spend less time in their healthcare provider’s office? I’m one of those. I was once of the mind that it’s better to wait until something is wrong before seeking medical or hearing help. I quickly found out that this was not the way to be. Especially as it relates…

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Is it Real or Fiction? Portraying Hearing Loss

By Linda Bilodeau / January 30, 2018
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During dinner with friends, I was asked if I had seen the series titled Switched at Birth. I had not seen the show and they shared the series follows two sisters switched at birth via a hospital mistake. One was hearing raised in a well-to-do household, while the other had hearing loss (or considered Deaf)…

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Hearing Loss – Taking Action for Closed Caption Access!

By Linda Bilodeau / January 25, 2018
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I had two difficult hearing situations these past weeks. I have a subscription to the online version of The Wall Street Journal, which includes various videos to go along with articles on world and national news as well as business news. Due to my hearing loss, I rely on closed caption to understand what is…

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Hearing Loss World…The People Who Understand!

By Linda Bilodeau / January 11, 2018
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Right before Christmas my husband and I attended a neighborhood party. Our lovely neighbor, Susan, always throws a party on December 23, inviting everyone on our street as well as her friends and family. We always enjoy going to her home because of her great hospitality. Though I know there will be the stress of…

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