Hello to my HLAA Miami Chapter’s friends:
A few days ago I sent an announcement canceling our event for next Saturday March 14 , although we were looking forward to share this day with our friends and family, our 2 speakers coming from NYC had to cancel their trip and I received some request from our members to postpone it, I believe it was my responsibility to the chapter to cancel it ; however, is my personal advice to be very cautious of the news you read and heard that want to create chaos, we need to take our measures to prevent the virus to spread and be responsible, but keep calm.
Good News for the Hearing Loss Community

My CI SurgeonDr. Christine Dihn is part of this incredible surgical medical advance of doing cochlear implants to patients with hearing nerve ‘s dysfunctions at University of Miami, meaning hope for so many people that could not do it before, Dr. Dihn is such an incredible force and a wonderful human being, I am so happy to share this video, where also my audiologist ( Dr Dianne Martinez) and the UM Team is part of this revolutionary advance for CIs. I am a proud patient of UM today 🙂 and wanted to share that with you.
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Also I want to sharing a blog article from my friend Katherine Boutonabout the coronavirus concerns for people with Hearing Loss
Let’s be positive !! see you all next month
Roxana Rotundo
President of HLAA Miami Chapter
Board of Directors of HLAA

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