March 6th Invite – Orientation to Lip Reading

Lip Reading Orientation Presentation March 6th 2021

The Treasure Coast Chapter, Hearing Loss Association of America, will present an Orientation to Lip Reading – what you need to know, ways to make learning it simple, and why you should learn lip reading, even if you hear well. The presentation is at 10:30 AM on Saturday, March 6th.

Invite - Orientation to Lip Reading


The best time to learn lip reading/speechreading is BEFORE you need it because:

1. You can better hear your instructor.
2. You can better understand and confirm the words someone is saying by:
A. Reading lips or hearing
B. Body language
C. Facial expressions

Consider starting your learning process NOW and improve your communications!

If you already have hearing challenges, learning lip reading can help in these ways:

Benefits of Lip Reading – include:
• Increased communication capabilities, even in noisy environments
• Increased accuracy of thought understanding
• Increased employment possibilities – those who communicate more easily are more readily hired, regardless of any handicap
• Increased social aspects
• Reduction of stress and frustration
• Increased confidence – easily feel part of a group because you understand what was said

It also looks great on a job resume! So many ways it can be helpful. The sooner you try to learn, the easier it becomes in the end.

This session will explain the whys and hows and help you decide about learning lip reading.

To view this discussion on Zoom, email for login info. Hope to see you there!

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