May 5th Technology & Techniques You Need Everyday BESIDES Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants

Hearing devices do not provide 20/20 hearing and there are technologies & adaptations that can make a difference in everyday situations.

Wednesday May 5, 2021
5:30pm ONLINE with captions!

HLAA Florida State Association (see PowerPoint below)

Download the PowerPoint

Our mission is to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss through information, education, advocacy & support. All of our services are free and our monthly educational support meetings are open to the public

Join us when Dr. Brad Ingrao, AuD., follows a smart HLAA member through a day and highlights special tools in their hearing kit:

  • Alerts and alarms to signal sounds missed
  • Understanding TV with streaming media
  • Hearing better on the phone
  • Dealing with “Hearing Hazards” including face masks

HLAA Florida has expert speakers every first Wednesday, first Saturday, second Wednesday and third Tuesday, and a Happy Hour the last Friday
of every month.

Dr. Brad Ingrao, AuD.
Director of Audiology
Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center
Seattle, Washington

Contact Debbe Hagner at or by text at 727-271-0770 for meeting link.
Bring your questions and ask about other common situations where you are still looking for a solution!

Social time after the speaker – questions, socializing and networking!


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Hearing Loss Association of Florida

The Hearing Loss Association of Florida, Inc. (HLAA-FL), a Voluntary non-profit organization, is dedicated to the well-being of the more than 3-million Floridians of all ages and communication styles with hearing loss.

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