Movie Making Hearing Loss Fun!

Assistive Listening devices are available for all movies, where possible. These devices will allow hearing loss people to either amplify sound or have some form of closed caption to “read”, or follow the dialogue as to what is being said throughout the movie. As many of you might be aware, not all movies offer such devices, so do your part to identify the show times with audio description or closed captioning icons! You or someone you know can do this by researching on line and/or contacting the movie theater close to you.

Once you have identified a movie with amplified sound or closed caption, you may then proceed to the theater and purchase your ticket. Upon purchase, simply share which device you desire and the ticket associate will direct you as to where you may pick the device up. Most theaters ask to retain your driver’s license for security and to return the said the device prior to departing the theater. Whatever device you use, ensure with the movie staff representative the device is properly charged and that you understand how it operates. Then simply sit back and enjoy the show.

The Assistive Listening Devices are as Follows:

1. Headset Amplification:

This allows you to hear what is being said. These devices come with adjustable volume setting and are typically adaptable to any auditorium

2. Closed Caption:

This allows the hearing loss person to read the narrative of what is being said throughout the movie. The narrative may or may not include previews. There are two options:

A. Closed Caption Glasses

Simply wear the glasses and the captioning displays across the bottom of the glasses. You can enjoy the movie and read captioning at the same time. Regardless of whether you move your head or even step away to use the restroom, rest assured, your glasses will keep you connected to what is being said on the big screen.

B. Free Standing Closed Caption

Simply attach to your cup holder and enjoy the show. This is a less expensive captioning device used by many theaters. The device remains stationary throughout the movie and, as such, captioning will not be visible if you turn your head away from the screen or step away to use the restroom!