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Chapter “Happy Hour” at Classico Café and Bar – It Was Lots of Fun!

Our Happy Hours are meet and greet get-togethers for folks that normally avoid happy hours, since they can’t hear any conversation.

That did not stop 20 Chapter members from celebrating JoAnne DeVries “retirement” as Chapter President and Flo Innes’s birthday.

Happy Hours are subject to call anytime. Here are some candid shots from October’s Friday the 13trh get-together.

Our Professional Partners:

The HLAA policy is to not recommend any specific product or any specific ENT, Audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.

The Chapter follows this policy but has identified professionals who endorse our 501 (c) (3)’s mission to help others through information, education, advocacy and support. They are listed on our webpage at

Members are encouraged to review this list of professionals when considering professional services.

Additional information is also available on HLAA’s National website through its
“SEARCHABLE HEARING HEALTH CARE DIRECTORY”, a searchable hearing health care directory that enables you to look for hearing products and local hearing aid providers.

To access, click on:


A special salute this month to Sertoma.

Sertoma is a civic, service organization with national mission of hearing health.

We have compiled a list of organizations that have programs to assist disadvantaged individuals to receive hearing devices and other services in Florida. Our professionals often work with Sertoma service projects to assist those who cannot afford hearing aids.

The links to the Florida groups and others that Sertoma assists are at:

  • Community Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Center for Hearing and Communication
  • Children’s Hearing Help Fund (Florida kids)
  • Florida Association of the Deaf, Inc.
  • Sertoma Speech Language Hearing Center (Florida)
  • Sertoma Club of Venice, Inc.

Listen Up recommends our Helpful Links/Resource Page for relevant information regarding hearing loss READ MORE!


HLAA-Sarasota/Manatee hosts monthly meetings, organizes social events, and participates in community outreach. Our Chapter growth has been strong over the past five years and the Board is committed to continuing that growth. To accomplish this, your support is necessary. We always have a need for volunteers for Chapter meetings, such as membership assistance and refreshments.

The Chapter is active in outreach with over 100 events at the Farmers Market, Health Fairs, public events and knowledgeable members are encouraged to assist us. There are so many ways you can make a difference.

Please contact Anne Taylor at if you can pay it forward with your time to help educate and advocate for the 145,000 community members with hearing loss.


If you are interested in volunteering please contact Dave Donnelly to “pay it forward” at the Farmers Market on the third Saturday of each month. If you’re interested in volunteering, on-the-job training is available at any Farmers Market Day.

Let Dave know by contacting

Saturday, November 18th – 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM – SARASOTA

Our monthly information and support booth is permanently located at 920 State Street, between Lemon and Pineapple, and offers an opportunity for people to learn how to address their hearing loss.

There are free hearing screenings each month by one of HLAA-Sarasota/Manatee’s Pro Partners. If you have a friend who needs hearing help and cannot make one of our meetings, please suggest they visit us here.


Have you used our Helpful Links/Resources Page for relevant information regarding hearing loss? Click on:

Here are some of the categories you’ll find:

  • Four websites that have up-to-date information regarding hearing loss
  • LoopFinder
  • Hearing Aid Financial Assistance for Florida Residents
  • Hearing Aid Financial Assistance for Children
  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • Donate Used Hearing Aids (Help the Needy. Get Tax Deduction.)
  • Hearing Aids
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Auditory Training
  • Other Helpful Links


Click the link and become “Like” #1099!

Up to date information on support, education and advocacy–and usually no more than one post a day or less.



Our Chapter’s Mission Statement is:

“To empower the more than 145,000 people with hearing loss in our community to lead more active lives by providing education/information, support and advocacy.”

An article in Hearing Tracker by Stu Nunnery is helpful in supporting members and friends in avoiding isolation, which is sometimes easier than dealing with your hearing loss. Mr. Nunnery is a writer, speaker, recording artist and hearing activist.

He suggests joining a support group such as HLAA or others.

End your Isolation – Join a Hearing Loss Support Group

There are a staggering number of people with hearing loss – close to one-in-six globally – and most of us are not getting the help we need. In fact, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) reports that 67-85% of those with hearing loss still do not or will not wear a hearing aid. The reasons vary from person to person, with the most common being a lack of education on the signs of hearing loss, denial, social stigma, and the cost of hearing aids. Given the alarming statistics cited above, it’s clear that we are not doing enough to support (financially and otherwise) those who could benefit from hearing aids.

The larger hearing loss community encompasses every population, age, and economic group. Most of us know someone with a hearing loss. It’s your boss, your customer, the person sitting next to you in church, the professor or student in a college classroom, the checkout clerk at your local supermarket. But because it carries with it a social stigma, many are in denial and reluctant to acknowledge or expose their hearing loss (by wearing a hearing aid), or even reach out for help.

Those who do seek help may know something about otolaryngologists (ENT’s), audiologists and hearing rehabilitation specialists. But many of us find it insufficient to rely exclusively on the information and support provided by these professionals. Sometimes it takes direct communication with other hearing loss “sufferers” to help us to live with and move beyond our hearing loss.
Flying Solo

It took me many years to appreciate the importance of interacting with the hearing loss community. I spent more than three decades avoiding interaction with others like me. I never wanted to see myself as part of an outlier disability group or demographic. I was a “fully” functioning human being, I believed. I just couldn’t hear well. READ MORE!

Click on Event Calendar for Upcoming Events READ MORE!

Chapter’s President’s Monthly Column in The Venice Gondolier

[Anne Taylor is a Bilateral Cochlear Implant user, a Gallaudet Certified Peer Mentor for the Hard of Hearing, Vice President of the local Hearing Loss of America)


The Dangers of Untreated Hearing Loss

Just the Facts:

  • In Sarasota/Manatee counties, there are approximately 145,000 living with hearing loss.
  • At age 65, one of three people has hearing loss.
  • Only 20% of individuals with hearing loss, who might benefit from treatment, seek help.
  • Unfortunately, many people wait 7- 10 years before getting treatment, per the (National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders – NIDCD).
  • Untreated hearing loss lowers your quality of life. You feel left out, angry, frustrated, isolated, depressed, irritated, fatigued from the strain of trying to hear.
  • Your psychological and overall health is diminished.
  • And, untreated hearing loss increases the individual’s susceptibility to injury and consequent illnesses especially, for those who live alone.

Dangers of Untreated Hearing Loss

You could face danger if you do not hear in the following situations:


  • Sirens of emergency vehicles trying to pass you
  • Warning honks of the horn
  • Failure to hear engine noises, indicating that something is wrong (also with lawnmowers) and keep on driving maybe making the problem worse
  • Scraping sound if you accidentally run into a building or parking block causing more damage than you would have if you heard


  • Someone behind you trying to pass when they call ‘passing on the left’ or ‘bicycle approaching’


  • Someone trying to pass you or that another skier is close to you READ MORE!


The upcoming HLAA Convention is in Minneapolis on June 21 –24 and the
host hotel is the Hyatt Regency.

Catch a glimpse of the action-packed visit to “Mill City”:

  • The opening night Get Acquainted Party will include light fare, entertainment, and a cash bar.
  • The National Awards Breakfast & Ceremony will be held on Thursday morning
  • The State and Chapter Awards Ceremony & Reception will be held on Wednesday evening. Yup, you read right! The awards ceremony is being split into two separate events. This ceremony will highlight state/chapter awards, while the national awards will be presented on Thursday morning.
  • The Research Symposium, Hearing in Noise, will be on Friday morning.
  • Sunday will be available for optional tours – more information coming soon! You will want to take some time to explore Minneapolis and the surrounding area. There is so much to see and do!
  • Educational workshops will focus on Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT), Advocacy, Living with Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants and Hearing Loss in Health Care Settings.
  • HLAA has announced that an “Evening with Mandy Harvey” will be presented Friday, June 22, 2018. Mandy, who is deaf, was a finalist in “America’s Got Talent” this past season.

HLAA Membership Notes



Our Sarasota/Manatee Chapter is still one of the strongest in the nation, but membership has dramatically dropped since we converted to the dual local/national membership with the Bethesda-based HLAA sending out renewal notices.

Currently at 120 members, we have lost nearly 100 members that have failed to renew.

HLAA does so much for us in Washington with Congress, ADA, FAA, FTC and others as well as publishing Hearing Loss Magazine, a helpful resource on the latest in technology, medical issues, legislation, and personal stories.

We only retain $10 of the $35 membership ($45 for a couple), but through other contributions and events, we can carry out our mission.

We continue to present cutting edge programs and provide social events with the Players Theater program and Caption Movie nights.

We are an all-volunteer organization providing advocacy, education and support in Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Please renew (or join) by linking to:

OR – Just hit the “renew” button (or “join” if not a former member). Thank you!

If you have any questions on membership, please feel free to contact Anne Taylor at


HLAA conducts educational webinars for its members and constituents. There is no cost to attend webinars.

The next Webinar will be in January, however, if you have a concern or question, it is likely it has been covered by a past Webinar and can be easily accessed.

To view a Webinar, go to

Plugged In

Private Eyes Movie Club

Enjoy the movies again with “Caption Glasses”! Join us at our next “meeting” on Tuesday, November 28th.

Depending on Curtain Time Theatre Club conflicts, The Movie Club meets on the third or fourth Tuesday from September through May around 4:00 to 4:30 PM at the Hollywood 20 on Main St. in Sarasota.

A roundtable review – and other conversation – follows at a restaurant within short walking distance of the theatre.

HLAA members are entitled to a FREE movie ticket with their first outing with the Movie Club. Those interested should contact Anne Taylor ( to be included to the monthly club mailings. It is also important that you RSVP to Anne if you need to reserve a pair of caption glasses.

Meet Anne Taylor in the lobby – caption glasses are obtained from the service counter inside the lobby.

Curtain Time Theater Club (Members Only)

The November ListenUp! Is published October 30 due to the November 1 Chapter meeting, sooooo…

There is still time to request your FREE tickets to the October 31 Players Theatre production of “Moon Over Buffalo”.

The theater provides the chapter with 20 to 25 FREE tickets for the pre-opening show of each of its Broadway series productions. This is another “Members Only” perk, a great benefit of our nominal membership dues. The shows are, of course, looped!

Contact for tickets.

Moon Over Buffalo

In the madcap comedy tradition of Lend Me A Tenor, this theatrical farce centers on George and Charlotte Hay, fading stars of the 1950s. On the brink of a disastrous split-up caused by George’s dalliance with a young ingénue, the nearly washed-up stage duo receives word that they might just have one last shot at stardom!

Also, if you deal with your hearing loss with a sense of humor, this show is for you. A review of an Oklahoma production of “Moon Over Buffalo” last month said this:

“Another bright spot was Carol Lynn Fry as Ethel the hard of hearing grandmother. She was funny in pretty much every scene she was in. Again, the schtick of “what’s that?” to everything the other characters say would on the surface seem dated, but she makes it work. There are even a couple of sequences where she can hear perfectly that are also funny.”

The next production after “Moon Over Buffalo” is “1940’s Radio Hour” on Tuesday, December 5th. You can reserve your FREE tickets now.


Just in time for the holiday season comes this marvelously theatrical show! This lively and big band sounding musical delivers a delicious slice of ‘a live radio broadcast from NYC’ in December of 1942. Enjoy the spirit of that bygone era when the world was at war and pop music meant “Strike Up the Band” and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”.

If you use the box office in person, thank them for the loop.

If you attend a performance, thank them for the loop.