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How New Technologies Are Making Our Community More Accessible – Wednesday, October 3rd

Learn about the different technology options for access. Area loops that make theaters, churches, and meetings very hearing friendly. Privacy loops to make pharmacies, bank tellers, and ticket booths more accessible. Personal captioning systems that provide direct access to a movie’s dialogue or project a speaker’s words on a big screen or your computer monitor.

Challenges of Hearing Loss

Florida Telecommunications Relay – September Newsletter What Have You Been Hearing? The Challenges of Hearing Loss Whether young or old, hearing loss can bring significant life changes to anyone. It can come at us in a number of different ways, from traumatic injury to disease, or as part of the aging process. Hearing loss may… Read more »

October 27th 9am – 4pm The 7th Annual Hearing Tech Expo

Only US fair to offer Free Hearing Aid Trials. 50+ cutting-edge exhibitors. Cochlear implants, Wireless accessories. Free consultations with audiologists. Free hearing screenings. Users share technology experiences in insightful panel discussions w/ Q&A.

Private Eyes Movie Club – Now Every 3rd Saturday All-Year Round!

We had a great summer at the movies with a turnout of more than 10 folks at each show to earn a private showing of our chosen movie with open captions (OC). We will now do a movie every month year round as follows: We will choose a new movie on the third Thursday of each month when the weekly schedule comes out. The movie selected for the 3rd Saturday will start midday somewhere between 11:30am and 1:00pm.