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Your Chance to Attend the 2018 HLAA Convention!

Register Online or Offline Registration is a bit different this year. Please note what is/isn’t included during the registration process. Increased rates will begin April 1 and continue through May 31 when pre-convention registration closes. On-site registration will be available as well. Online – fill out the Online Registration and registration will be a breeze;… Read more »

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Groups and family gatherings after my Cochlear Implant

Debbe Hagner, Cochlear Implant Recipient Recently I traveled to a genealogy convention with other “genealogy ladies.” For the first time I felt comfortable with them and we had a blast! I didn’t feel left out. I handed my article about my CI experience to several professional genealogists. One said that she got goose bumps in… Read more »

Movie Making Hearing Loss Fun!

Assistive Listening devices are available for all movies, where possible. These devices will allow hearing loss people to either amplify sound or have some form of closed caption to “read”, or follow the dialogue as to what is being said throughout the movie. As many of you might be aware, not all movies offer such… Read more »

HLA Tampa Holiday Dinner

Hello everyone! The upcoming holidays are just around the corner. I have made a holiday dinner reservation at The Cheesecake Factory. Please let me know if you are interested in joining us for a fun-filled evening. We will continue with our tradition white elephant gift. Here is how it works for those who is unfamiliar… Read more »

HLAA Clearwater Holiday Gathering

Let’s get together for pre-holiday celebration. Please let me know if you are interested in joining us for this events. We are not limit to this menu – there is a full menu that you can choose from. If you are interested in the full menu, please email me at debbehagner@yahoo.com. http://www.safetyharborspa.com/dining/fountain-grille-restaurant.htm. Location: Fountain Grille… Read more »