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Your Chance to Attend the 2018 HLAA Convention!

Register Online or Offline Registration is a bit different this year. Please note what is/isn’t included during the registration process. Increased rates will begin April 1 and continue through May 31 when pre-convention registration closes. On-site registration will be available as well. Online – fill out the Online Registration and registration will be a breeze;… Read more »

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Merv Daniels’ Story

I started my career in the field of Visual Merchandising Display for a major retail chain. One day my manager pulled me aside and said “Merv, others in the store have come up to me with comments that you are distant and do not acknowledge others a lot of times when they say good morning… Read more »

You Can Make Hearing Loss Visible!

In 1986, Ronald Reagan issued an official proclamation naming May Better Hearing and Speech Month. His own decision to start wearing a hearing aid in public made national headlines in 1983. His hearing loss was caused by a pistol firing close-range during film production in his days as an actor. As he shared: “Sounds, whether… Read more »

April Newsletter 2015

Hearing Loss? Let’s Connect! CELEBRATE MAY – HEARING LOSS AWARENESS MONTH! LAKELAND CHAPTER: Recycled Hearing Aid Project SARASOTA CHAPTER EXPO: – A Success! FLORIDA SHARES: – Hearing Loss Stories LOOPING FLORIDA- Looping Advocacy in Action CRUISE SALE: Limited Time Only! SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS: Read all about it! HLAA-FL State Association Meeting and Social CURRENT EVENTS: Visit… Read more »

Dan Gardner’s Personal Story

Dan Gardner is an audiologist and long time member of the Florida Academy of Audiology. Dan was kind enough to share his own personal story as to why he sees the importance of helping those impacted by hearing loss. Dan Gardner’s Personal Story: My university studies toward a Marine Biology degree were abruptly halted by… Read more »