Youtube and Closed Caption Issues/Ways to add Closed Caption

The following is an excerpt from CaptionSync titled YouTube’s Automatic Captions Prove Insufficient for ADA Compliance.

“You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about YouTube’s automatic captions lately, whether it be from viewers making fun of them, content creators complaining about them, or the deaf and hard of hearing calling out their poor quality. Whatever is being said, most of the time it is not positive. That’s because YouTube’s automatic captions are a complete failure (unless you are aiming for comedy). They’re frustrating to those who rely on closed captioning and they’re embarrassing for respected content creators that are unaware they are providing insufficient accommodation to their deaf and hard of hearing audience. In this Whiteboard Wednesday see examples of how difficult it is to understand YouTube automatic captions ,and learn how to remove them in order to replace them with your own quality captions…”

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