Combatting Isolation: Tips to Stay “In the Loop,” Regardless of Hearing Ability

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By John Kinstler, Outreach Marketing Manager, CapTel Captioned Telephone, Inc.

CapTel Captioned Telephone, Inc. is an HLAA Hear for Life Partner. CapTel is teaming with HLAA to promote hearing health and encourage more Americans to act on their hearing. We are pleased to share a guest blog post from CapTel’s John Kinstler.

Mention of goods or services in this blog post does not imply Hearing Loss Association of America endorsement.

One of the most common concerns shared by people with hearing loss is a feeling of isolation, particularly living through our recent periods of social distancing. Connections with others help add joy and a sense of community to our lives. Consider these simple, proactive measures you can take to help combat isolation, regardless of your hearing level.

Attend Virtual Events

Virtual events are a great way to enjoy things like lectures, sporting events, plays and more even if you can’t be together in person. Online events often provide live or pre-recorded captions, depending on the service used. Ask the meeting host to turn on the captions. You can also interact with fellow attendees in typed back and forth “chat” sessions, rather than relying on hearing. Or consider calling into the event with a captioned telephone to see captions of what is said. Read More

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