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Tools for the Late-Deafened, Deaf, Hard-of Hearing and our Hearing Allies


As the world continues to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, many of us remain or are sheltering in place and are doing our part to avoid the spread of the virus.  Now, more than ever, is the need to remain connected.  With today’s technology, everyone can do just that with:

  1. Videoconferencing platforms to see and hear people online.
  2. Speech-to-text apps when lipreading is not possible or to simply better understand what is being said.

This allows not only hearing people, but the Late-Deafened, Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People to celebrate everything from birthday parties to marriages, attend webinars, online classes and house of worship services.  And ALDA is here to help with a list of various online resources people with hearing loss and their hearing allies can use to stay connected and communicate effectively. The goal above all else?  Is to remain connected and understand what is being said while keeping your distance.   Click here to see the list and learn more.

Please feel free to share our list of video conference and captioning links for your consideration.  The list is not all inclusive nor does ALDA endorse all that are listed, rather, they are simply for your consideration to share and provide feedback.

At ALDA, we don’t have a preference for how people communicate. Use sign language, your residual hearing, lipread, speech-read, use voice to text apps or good old pen and paper, or whichever method you choose to communicate.  The key is that you do communicate with “Whatever Works” best for you.  We will not judge, correct or reject you for your personal communication preference.  Join ALDA today and/or make a donation in support of our outreach to help others:  Join HERE:


ALDA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization comprised of volunteers working on behalf of those who have lost their hearing later in life and/or dealing with hearing loss.

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Hearing Loss Association of Florida

The Hearing Loss Association of Florida, Inc. (HLAA-FL), a Voluntary non-profit organization, is dedicated to the well-being of the more than 3-million Floridians of all ages and communication styles with hearing loss.

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