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Music Therapy / Finding New Ways to Connect, Reflect & Listen

Sun City Center Chapter

Tuesday, December 15th  @ 12:30 PM

Presented by Ana-Alicia Lopez, MM, MT-BC, Music Therapist

ZOOM Platform  |  Educational & Support Meetings  |  Every 3rd Tuesday of Month 12:30 PM

Board-certified Music Therapy in Fort Myers, FL  –  Master’s in music therapy  emphasis in Neurologic Music Therapy

Auditory Perception Training (and Re-training) 
Helping your brain to process auditory information is crucial to learning to appreciate music.   Ana-Alicia Lopez will explain how this works and what the process includes
Reconnecting with Music through Technology – A new way to find musical satisfaction is through the technology that is available today, even though we do not always know or understand how and why it works for us

Music for Pain Management, Anxiety Reduction & Emotional Processing – Technology and Tips for using music as your therapeutic medium is a key to helping yourself Be Well in today’s world.  Ms. Lopez will identify ways you can begin your musical journey in hearing wellness.

Our Zoom Meetings are supported by CART (captions)

Presented by Ana-Alicia Lopez, MM, MT-BC, Music Therapist











Our Mission is to open the world of communication to a more active and rewarding lifestyle for the 260,000 people with hearing loss in the Hillsborough County through:

Information We are your sources for information on treatment, support and resources

Education Expert speakers introduce us to latest technologies and programs       

Advocacy We teach you how to self-advocate for and obtain your needs and rights        

Support Our mentors & members can share their experience to better hearing

All our services are free. Join us to discover how much more you can hear and understand. Tell others about our online meetings so they do not miss out!

To REGISTER for this Zoom Meeting: Email Debbe at

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