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HLAA chapter leaders:  Please forward the event below to anyone in your chapter who is interested in hearing loss and music.  Thank you! – Wendy

The Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss cordially invites interested musicians with hearing loss to our upcoming virtual conference titled, “Variations on a Theme”  on July 16 and 17.  This event will focus on the challenges of making aural music with hearing devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants.  Workshops will be held on one of these three tracks:  Conservation, Transformation and Recognition.   

Presenters include deaf and hard of hearing musicians Rick Ledbetter and Abigel Szilagyi, deaf composers Tyler Mazone and Jay Alan Zimmerman and audiologists Dr. Heather Malyuk, Dr. Marshall Chasin, Dr. Brad Ingrao and Dr. Mead Killion,,  We are also pleased to introduce deaf psychologist Dr. Deborah McCaw, who will speak on adjustment to hearing loss as musicians.  Dr. Kris Chesky from the University of North Texas will discuss their hearing conservation program for undergraduate students and Dr. Michael Vitalino will look at how to teach aural skills to undergraduate music students with hearing loss.   

Real-time captioning will be provided for this event.

schedule-at-a-glance and conference registration is now available..   Registration is $20 per person per ticket and includes access to presentation recordings for 7 days after the conference.  There will be no refunds once the conference starts on July 16.   Note:  Please use the email address you use to login to Zoom to register for this event. 

Saturday, July 16, 9 am -3 pm EST (8 am-2pm Central; 7am to 1 pm Mountain; 6 am to 12 pm Pacific)

Sunday, July 17, 1-5 pm EST (12 pm to 4 pm CST; 11 am-3 pm Mountain: 10 am-2pm Pacific)


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