Miami Chapter Meeting

Hello Miami Chapter!
This week meeting!
We will be back on the Coral Gables Activity Center ( 2 Andalusia Avenue ) the Second Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm.
See you this saturday, January 11th at 10 am!

We are ready for 2020!
This year we will like to do another special events with Friends & Family on our meeting of March, so please Save the Date, March 14th  10 am to 12pm, we will have 2 special guests from the New York HLAA Chapter talking to us and our Family and Friends, I hope that Maria Elena and I can count with your help on organizing this, the last time we had a great event!
News this week!
We share wonderful news this week: American Girl’s 2020 of the year is the 1st doll with Hearing loss, this was hard work from the National Association, which I am proud to be part of the board.
Roxana Rotundo

Greetings from Roxana
In 2020, I ask you to please become a member of HLAA, down below is the link for the membership, the online membership cost $35 a year, $25 for students and Veterans 1st years is free. Is very important you all become members because that way we can bring the “Walk4Hearing” to Miami and advocate for our city
Roxana Rotundo-President of Miami HLAA Chapter

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This is a social group where people can ask questions, share experiences, and offer support on how to live with hearing loss.
HLAA opens the world of communication to people living with hearing loss through information, education, advocacy, and support.

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The Hearing Loss Association of Florida, Inc. (HLAA-FL), a Voluntary non-profit organization, is dedicated to the well-being of the more than 3-million Floridians of all ages and communication styles with hearing loss.

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