The road to Medicare coverage ends here

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MAY 30, 2019

The road to Medicare coverage ends here.

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Dear HLAA Supporter, 

People are shocked to hear that Medicare does not cover hearing aids. As the leading consumer organization for people with hearing loss, the time is right for HLAA to push for hearing aid coverage – it is a huge concern for HLAA members and constituents and there has been new activity in Congress on this issue. In addition, research has shown that untreated hearing loss leads to depression, isolation and more recently, a link to cognitive decline. 

Medicare reform will not happen overnight, it will be a long haul. We will keep you updated every step of the way by including information on our website, in Hearing Life and Hearing Life e-News. Our work on this monumental task can’t take place without your support. 

Please consider a donation today. We appreciate your generosity. This Spring Appeal is an important part of our annual fundraising campaign. Thank you if you have already given through the mail or online.

With appreciation,


Barbara Kelley
Executive Director
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Have you participated in our Walk4Hearing? If not, it’s not too late. Start a team and help create awareness about hearing loss prevention, screening, treatment and good hearing health. 

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