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Why Would Audiologists Promote a Hearable?
Dave Kemp of Oaktree Products suggests that hearing healthcare professionals consider hearables such as BeHear NOW personal hearing devices as a potential item to add to their overall suite of solutions.
In this video interview viewers can learn how this device might help to serve the clients who come through the door and are tested, but are not quite ready for hearing aids.
Oaktree TV S2 E14: BeHear Now with Ruth Bridger
New Assistive Hearing Blog
We decided to turn the answers to some of the most common questions about hearables and assistive hearing into articles that we are publishing as a blog on our Web site. The following topics have been covered and are ready for reading and commenting:
Point-by-Point Comparison Between Bose Hearphones and BeHear NOW
Recently a comprehensive comparison between Alango’s BeHear NOW assistive hearing headset and Bose Hearphones was published on the Hearing Tracker Web site. The article states that “both the Alango and Bose headsets aim to enhance hearing, and both support Class II Bluetooth connectivity. And because both use an in-ear neckband form factor, they are strikingly similar in appearance. But with BeHear NOW coming in at just $249 (versus $499 for the Bose), price is a major differentiator between the two.”
However, aside from price, there are a number of key differences to consider when comparing the Bose Hearphones with Alango’s BeHear NOW. To read the entire comparative article, click here.
Attending HLAA? Come Visit Us!
The annual HLAA conference, being held this year in Rochester, NY from June 20-22, is an opportunity for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss, and to become acquainted with the assistance and resources available to them.
We are pleased to sponsor the event, demonstrating our current commercially-available assistive hearing products in booth #100 and in a Demo Room presentation.
Additionally, we will launch BeHear Access – a new hearing headset which includes a telecoil, a cradle for simple recharging, and large, tactile buttons in an extra-sturdy form factor.
Want to submit your feedback? Use our simple survey form.
Veteran In-ear Hearing Aid User Reviews BeHear NOW
We’re always happy to hear from our customers about what they like (and don’t like!) about our products. Feedback keeps us on the right track as we move to improve our assistive hearing solutions and reach all those who could benefit.
The most recent review comes from Holland, sent in by someone for whom hearing aids were not completely satisfying. Read his testimonial here.

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