BeHear ACCESS Now Shipping!
Personalizable Hearing Amplifier with Telecoil Support
The wait is over! Now you can get the latest model in the Wear & Hear line of assistive hearing products, the BeHear ACCESS. It joins the BeHear NOW as a stylish, affordable, personalizable multi-functional solution in our effort to address the worldwide “silent epidemic” of untreated hearing loss. View it in our on-line store.
How does BeHear ACCESS differ from BeHear NOW?
While both products:
  • look and function like a Bluetooth® stereo headset
  • include fully customizable hearing amplification and noise reduction for live conversations, mobile phone calls, music play, and ambient sounds
  • clarify speech (and if needed during mobile phone calls, slow it down!)
  • enhance music
there are three basic differences.
As opposed to BeHear NOW, BeHear ACCESS:
  • includes two telecoil receivers to deliver optimal sound in locations outfitted with induction loop technology.
  • has large, tactile buttons for easier operation (especially if dexterity is an issue).
  • comes with a magnetized charging cradle, as opposed to a direct USB cable which attaches to the neckband (also a usability issue).
Enjoy TV Programs
Understand dialogue without increasing the television volume to watch in harmony with others.
Built-in Telecoil Receivers
Enjoy live music, lectures, and sermons in venues equipped with hearing loops.
Be Part of the Conversation
Control your own hearing and connect easily with others in live conversations, indoors and out

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