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Please extend a warm welcome to the following Officers:

PRESIDENT: Linda Tossoonian

SECRETARY: Maria Anderson

TREASURER: Dave Pascall

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Statewide Website and Facebook Outreach:

Chapters, Self Support Groups and HLAA members statewide can utilize the State Social Media platforms to post hearing loss related meeting and events free of charge. Obtain statewide recognition for your meetings and special events.

Simply ensure the email account is on your master email distribution list. When you send out emails to your respective members about hearing loss events, your email is automatically reviewed for consideration to post. This includes repeat emails. If multiple messages are sent to your respective Chapter recipients, each reminder will be posted on the State Website and Facebook page respectively, within reason and website guidelines.

Postings are applied to the State website homepage, Chapter News Link, and, where applicable, to your direct Chapter or Self Support Group Link in addition to the statewide Facebook account.

The process is simple and easy, as we know your time is valuable. Simply add the to your master email list. This expedites the manner in which your events can be publicized!

Special Notice on PDF Flyers: For full page pdf flyers, simply provide an summation ,introduction or logo to post first. This summation can then be linked to the entire flyer. EXAMPLE: Can be found on posting with the Lakeland Chapter Hearing Wellness Expo. The advertising allows for a basic logo link on the State website page. When one clicks on logo, they are automatically directed to the Expo Flyer in it’s entirety.

Mass email: Chapter leaders are welcome to request statewide mass email outreach, when appropriate to do so. View the State Social Media on a routine basis to ensure postings are accurate and/or to request any changes. Suggestions and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

HEALTHY HEARING EXPO FEBRUARY 3, 2018 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. HEARING WELLNESS EXPO MARCH 3, 2018 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Click on the link above for additional information. See you there!


Posted on January 25, 2018. By Linda Bilodeau

Closed Caption Difficulties! I had two difficult hearing situations these past weeks. I have a subscription to the online version of The Wall Street Journal, which includes various videos to go along with articles on world and national news as well as business news. Due to my hearing loss, I rely on closed caption to understand what is being said. Unfortunately, most of these videos are not captioned, making it difficult for people like me who rely on closed captions to understand a speaker on a video. My other difficulty was with a company called “The Great Courses” which provides online videos, CDs, and downloadable courses on a variety of subjects. I was not able to take a writing class as their courses are not closed captioned. Read more here…

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Email today for your consideration for the first time attendee HLAA Convention Scholarship! Thank you to Joan Andrews daughters, this scholarship offers first time attendees assistance in attending the National HLAA Convention. APPLY TODAY!

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