Join us for movie night at Hollywood 20, Main Street on Tuesday, January 30th

Join us for movie night at Hollywood 20, Main Street on Tuesday, January 30th. The movie will be The Post at 3:20

Anne will be in the lobby at 3:00 to help with the CC glasses First-timers, go in the lobby and find Anne. She has coupons for free tickets. Get your coupon, then redeem at the ticket office for your free ticket!

Please Note:

We have been told by the Regal 20 manager that the CC glasses are sometimes returned broken. He respectfully requests that the glasses be worn the whole time until they are returned to the service desk.When the glasses are carried, it is easy for them to accidentally bump into the walls, trash cans etc. So, let’s wear these much appreciated glasses around our necks until we return them. Thanks for your help in preserving the SONY CC glasses.

We will dine at a restaurant close by the theater.

Everyone Welcomed!

Movies are more fun with company and captions

Please RSVP if you are planning on attending Glasses are free with movie ticket.

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